Wimbledon Ballot 2018

The registration process is now open for club members (plus juniors aged 9 years old and above) to opt-in for the Wimbledon Ballot 2018. 

Each year, ALTC are allocated Wimbledon tickets which are balloted at a Club meeting, which normally takes place in April.

To be eligible to ballot for tickets during the ballot meeting, you must:

  • be a current ALTC member (all adults and juniors aged 9 years and above);
  • hold a British Tennis Membership; and
  • OPTED-IN via the British Tennis/LTA website.

Note - if you are not already a British Tennis member, please view British Tennis to register for FREE (all current ALTC members are eligible). Please ensure you select Andover Lawn Tennis Club as your Club, plus new juniors needs to request a LTA rating.

It takes minutes to Opt-in. The closing date to Opt-in is 23rd February.

It gives you a chance of being successful in the Club Ballot to watch the World's top tennis players at Wimbledon.