Andover Club’s Mixed Tennis team make good start to their season

Captain Andrew Winnett was able to put out a strong team for Andover Lawn Tennis Club’s first Summer fixture against Hampshire Court A from Basingstoke.

A team summer report 0619.jpg

Winnett and Coomer have played mixed doubles since they were teenagers and have a really good understanding and an array of strategies. On this occasion, playing the opposition first pair, they opted for patient maneuvering. Coomer’s accurate placement and ability to absorb pace gave Winnet a lot of opportunities at the net. Coupled with his ability overhead and speed to reach drop shots, the visitors had few chances to win a rally. The Andover pair won both sets 6-1 and 6-2.

Webb and Gailey are a much newer combination but Gailey has exemplary movement always putting herself in position to make a good shot and Webb has strong shots with a lot of topspin. Against the second Hampshire court pair, Webb gained a lot of volley and overhead winners after clever placement from Gailey. They came out on top by the same score 6-1, 6-2.

Winnett and Coomer moved on to win against the same pair by 6-1, 6-2.

Webb and Gailey had a battle against the first pair, who had more of the play this time and began to boss the rallies with carefully placed shots. With no pace coming at you, it is easy to overhit but the Andover pair got used to the new rhythm and won the set on a tie break, 7-6. At that point the Hampshire Court pair were unable to continue due to an aggravated injury and conceded the set 6-0.

A 7-1 win against Hampshire Court A was a very good result.